3 Celebrities That Rock Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

If there's one thing celebrities always get right, it’s their outfits and hairstyles! With not a hair out of place, our favorite actresses and popstars consistently wow their fans and critics alike with their gorgeous long locks on red carpets.

While the pandemic has put a halt to red carpet events and concerts, we thought of revisiting some of our favorite hairstyles of this year, modeled by the most stunning women in Hollywood!

Ariana Grande

Image Filename: Ariana-Grande-posing-with-friends

Image Alt Text: Ariana Grande posing with friends.

If there’s one thing Ariana Grande is known for, it’s her famous ponytail. No matter what look she's got on, it's always paired with a gorgeous high ponytail and a side part. It's become her signature look—and one that has actually helped her hair's health!

With so much curiosity (and conspiracy theories) surrounding her signature hairstyle, Ariana finally addressed the reason behind her constantly wearing a ponytail instead of letting her hair down. It turns out that during her time on Nickelodeon's hit show Victorious, where Grande was a supporting actress, she always had to dye her natural hair bright red. By the time the show ended, her hair was dry and damaged. Hair extensions and a high ponytail helped her give her hair space to grow, and in the meantime, she grew in love with the look!

Nicki Minaj

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Image Alt Text: Nicki Minaj posing poolside.

No one flaunts crazy colors and unique looks quite like the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. From her Pink Friday days, Nicki Minaj has shown that she’s not afraid of wearing the brightest and most extravagant hairstyles.

While most of her looks feature a weave, we also see her playing around with varying lengths by adding colorful extensions to elevate her look. If there's one thing Nicki is successfully teaching her fans, it's how to keep your look fun with minimal damage, and we're totally here for it!

Jennifer Lopez

Image Filename: Jennifer-Lopez-posing-with-long-blonde-hair

Image Alt Text: Jennifer Lopez posing with long blonde hair.

A singer, actress, and phenomenal dancer, Jennifer Lopez proves every day that there is nothing she can't do. She's left everyone equally astonished with her gorgeous hair, which looks as youthful as the rest of her! So, what's her secret?

Well, apart from a strict diet and workout plan, the actress also gets her hands on the best and most luxurious looking hair extensions. While her natural hair is much shorter, she always adds extensions to look more glamorous and stage-ready!

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