3 Easy Steps to Care for Your Wig

Wearing a wig as part of your everyday routine is starting to become popular amongst many people, largely because of celebrity culture influence and social media. Many of us who love Schitt’s Creek have learned to love and care for wigs from our favorite character, Moira, whose collection is a reminder that hair is one of the best forms of self-expression and creativity.

Wigs are great for switching up your look every day, experimenting with a new style, and protecting your style so you don’t end up with damaged, brittle hair. But don’t be fooled by their quick application and styling - they also require proper care and maintenance.

However, not many people know how to take care of wigs and end up making simple mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. Here are some of the most crucial don’ts of human and synthetic hair wig maintenance and care.

Skipping detangling

Just like we need to brush our hair at least once a day to get rid of any tangles, we need to do the same with a wig to get out all the knots from the root to the tip before we wash it.

Too many tangles can damage the wig. Make sure you use a wide-toothed comb or a gentle brush to get rid of knots. Start at the end and slowly work your way upwards to ensure thorough—albeit gentle—detangling. Wigs, unlike our real hair, don’t grow back after shedding, so the gentler your detangling process, the longer lasting your wigs will be.

Handling it roughly

A wig needs to be given gentle love and care which means you should avoid using hot water to rinse it as this can ruin the fibers for synthetic wigs, however, human hair can be washed with warmer temperatures. You should also avoid scrubbing the wig as it’s too delicate. Instead, use gentle caresses and smoothing gestures on the hair to clean it.

Not applying conditioner

Just like our hair needs conditioner, wigs need moisture and conditioning as well. You can get a conditioning spray to add moisture without weighing the hair down. When applying conditioner to the hair, use the product on the ends and the mid-length instead of the roots. Try to use products that are suitable for the kind of wig you have, e.g. products made for synthetic fibers for synthetic wigs, and regular care products for human hair wigs, etc.

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