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3 Things To Expect From Custom Colored Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hair extensions are the new big thing, but with growing popularity comes higher demand. Everyone is getting hair extensions to look unique, but with the same hair looks being popularized worldwide, finding a look that will set you apart from the rest is tricky!

Thankfully, many salons are offering customized hair extensions that can be made to your preference. However, people aren’t sure just how far this “customization” can go. Here are some factors you can play around with when requesting a custom-colored hair extension set.

Custom Color

We know, it’s in the name! But many people don’t understand the extent to which they can get custom colors, and we’re here to say that the sky is the limit!

Many people prefer custom-blended hair colors to bring a seamless look between their natural hair and their extensions. That means the hairstylist will have a look at your natural hair and recreate the exact look in your extensions. This is especially important for people with highlight or colored hair which is in more than one tone. Additionally, you can play around with customizations and get a brighter color for your extensions to achieve an ombre look. For this, the hairdresser will pick a color that compliments your natural hair!

Custom Length

Image Filename: professional-hair-scissors

Image Alt Text: Professional hair scissors.

Getting the perfect hair extensions only to butcher them at-home is a pain many of us have felt. If you’re paying so much money, the idea of taking extra steps to get your desired length just seems like a major inconvenience!

With custom hair extensions, you can let the hairstylist know what length you need your hair extensions in. Whether it’s 10 inches or 30 inches, it’s best to talk with your stylist on your hair goals so that they can look the most natural possible.

Custom Texture

While straight-haired extensions are the most popular, they’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people want to enhance their natural hair, which probably has texture and isn’t slick straight.

When you opt for custom hair extensions, you can ask your hairstylist to emulate the same look as your natural hair. This helps create a more seamless blend, and you won’t be straightening your natural hair to match the look your extensions have! There are several textures to choose from such as body wave, natural wave, or kinky curly - we can get the right texture for you.

Get your custom hair extensions made at Premier Violet Hair and rock the hair you want! Our hair salon in Houston ensures you get the hair you want, and if you’re in a rush, you can always shop from our collection of natural-looking hair extensions. Contact us today for more information.


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