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Coloring Your Hair With Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

“Can I color my hair if I have hair extensions?”

A girl has a right to change up her hair color anytime, don’t you think? But that fact might be different if you have hair extensions already in place. Those long glorious locks are your prized possession, so treating them right is key to their look and feel. Does this matter when going to get your hair color done? Roots don’t want to wait on the answer, they just keep growing and growing, so here it goes. The answer is well…maybe.

It depends on what type of hair extensions you have.

At Premier Violet Hair we offer a variety of different hair extensions made of 100% human hair to make you look your absolute best. This means you should treat your hair like you would your own hair. Because they are human hair, extensions can be dyed. However, extensions tend to be more porous because they have been processed several times which means you (the colorist) may need to double up on your formula. It’s important to test strand before applying color application globally. Also keep in mind that the hair extensions may not react to the dye like your own hair because, well it came from a different person so the DNA makeup of the extension hair is different from yours. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Here’s the details you might need to have on coloring your hair with the different kinds of extensions we offer:

K-Tip and I-Tip Hair Extensions

K-tips hair extensions are bonded to the root of the hair shaft with a keratin protein bond, while I-Tips are bonded with a silicone bead. With fusion hair extensions you can easily get color touch-ups on your root hair growth and won’t affect your extensions. If you want to do an all over color process with your extensions in, you must stay in the same shade range or go darker. If you try to lighten fusion extensions or bleach the hair in a global application, this will break down the bonds and it will fall out. However, if the bonds of the extensions are still close to your scalp, you may be able to add highlights into the hair while avoiding the areas closest to the scalp (must consult with a colorist first). If you are not a natural blonde and have dark roots that grow out, you can bleach your grow out but ONLY in the part line and around the face, avoiding the bonds in the back and sides of the head.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

For tape-in extensions, we have over 30 color selections, so you should have no problem choosing the color that is closest to your own. You can even blend multiple packs for over 1000 custom color combinations that are truly unique and stunning in everything from brilliant blondes to sparkling redheads and every color in between. When it comes to coloring your hair with tape-ins installed, we do not recommend it. Tape-Ins are sandwiched with your real hair using medical grade tape. If you were to color your hair there is a high chance the color could seep in between the tape and lose it’s adhesive. Tape-ins last 6-8 weeks and must be removed completely then reapplied, so during that time is when coloring of your real hair should be done.

Consider extensions to add highlights or enhance your hair color!

Extensions are a great option if you want to change your hair color without altering your real hair! We can easily add in highlights, lowlights, pops of crazy colors, ombres and more! We offer tons of natural and unnatural shades to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem matching them with your own hair color, whatever that may be at the moment. That’s the great thing about extensions; they are so customizable.

Have an idea in mind? Bring a photo or your idea to your consultation and let’s make it happen.


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