Dry Scalp Remedies

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

With winter in full swing, some of us have to deal with dry-scalp issues. While dry scalp issues are somewhat of an awkward subject, most of us have this issue. There should be some kind of solution or treatment, right?

Having a dry scalp is not the most attractive thing but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Here are remedies that we have gathered from around the web:


Our scalp needs to get rid of dead skin cells just like our body does. We recommend using an exfoliating scalp mask once or twice a week. This will reduce flakiness, buildup, and help soothe irritation.


Have you ever heard of a toner for your scalp? Applying a post-shampoo leave-in tonic and help redness and make your hair less flakey. To use a toner, apply directly to the scalp. Tonics go deep into your scalp and offer longer lasting relief. We recommend choosing one with calming ingredients such as aloe.

Therapeutic Shampoo

Whether your scalp is dry or just sensitive, you should stay away from hair products that have harsh irritants and fragrances. Coal tar is a great ingredient to look for in a therapeutic shampoo. Even though coal tar sounds a little scary, it’s great for treating itchy and flaky scalps and FDA approved under-5% concentrations in OTC products. Ingredients that can also soothe an irritated scalp include zinc, salicylic acid, and tea-tree oil.

Change Your Diet

With issues that occur on the outside of our bodies, it’s good to start treating from the inside out. We recommend a diet that is filled with tons of water, avocados, salmon, nuts and any other high omega-3 oil food. If you’re busy or have some off days you can always substitute with supplements!

Use Hair Oil

When you apply oils directly on the scalp it will soak right up and ease irritation. The best oils for this are coconut and jojoba oils because they contain anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

Only Apply Conditioner to Ends

If you’re using conditioner on your scalp, you may be doing more harm than good. The correct way to apply conditioner is from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. The purpose of conditioner is to moisturize the hair follicle, not your scalp. It will only clog pores in your scalp causing further issues.

See Your Doctor

If you’ve tried everything under the sun and you’re still having scalp issues, it may be best to see a doctor. Your doctor can tell you if there’s something wrong and may even recommend a steroid or cortisone treatment or an antibiotic. Make an appointment sooner rather than later to address your concerns.

Have you tried any of these methods? Do you have one that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Hair Extension Magazine

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