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Extensions Expert VS Hairstylist That Does Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Lately I have received a lot of messages from people that have gotten extensions but they have left them with less hair than they had started with. It always breaks my heart reading these messages because I was in that same position when I first got into extensions so I know exactly how it feels. The frustration, the anger, the loss of confidence

Typically I give them advice on their hair recovery journey and I always ask them about who put the extensions in their head. Most replies are, “It was a hairstylist who said she also did extensions”, and “She’s been doing hair for 20 years”, ect.

But has she been doing extensions for 20 years? Probably not. Or if she has been, has she been up to date with her education in extensions – taking new classes to learn new information? Because how extensions were done 20 years ago is NOT how extensions are done today.

In today’s world, we have learned over the tricks of the trade when it comes to installing extensions so that your natural hair can grow while wearing them. We know how to properly take extensions out without ripping your natural hair out. We can analyze your hair type and choose a method for your hair and lifestyle. But does your “hairstylist” know all this?

My point is do your research! When looking for someone to install your extensions ask them for photos of their past work, ask them how long they have been doing extensions and when was the last time they took an educational class. Ask them specific questions about the extensions your are interested in to see if they are knowledgeable in that area, and ask them to see their certification. If they cannot provide you these answers, run!

In all honesty, there are tons of great hair stylists out there. Many can give your a great bob cut or the perfect balayage. But not everyone can give you a great extension service.

When looking for someone to install extensions look for an expert. Just like any other service you would get you want someone who knows everything about that one thing. For example, if I am looking to buy a house in a certain area I am going to hire a realtor who specializes in that area. That way that person can help me with everything I need to know about the area. If I hired a realtor who just covered the entire city I wouldn’t get as good of a service as I would from the expert.

If you hire a regular hairstylist to put in your extensions you may get a good service and may not get your hair ripped out. But if you hire an expert in extensions, you will get all the education you need and excellent service. See the difference?

Hire an expert ladies, you and your hair deserve the best.



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