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  1. Use only sulfate free and paraben free shampoo & conditioner

  2. Brush you hair at least 2x a day with Double Bristle Brush

  3. Use a hair mask on your ends 1x a week

  4. Do not wash you hair everyday

  5. Tie your hair back in a low ponytail or braid when you go to sleep and/or go to the pool/ocean with a silk scrunchie

  6. Wait 48 hours to wash your hair after your install.

  7. Shampoo 2x – first wash breaks down build up and second removes the build up from hair

  8. Use hair oil for midshaft to ends

  9. Don't use hot tools to style frequently, keep temperature under 320 degrees F.

  10. Never go to bed with wet hair.

Recommended products



  1. Hold your hair in one hand and brush with the other

  2. Brush daily with Double Bristle Brush

  3. Work your way up starting from the bottom to the top

  4. Brush before wetting


  1. Wash hair in sections

  2. Rinse all the way to the scalp and between the beads to remove any buildup

  3. Apply conditioners to the midshaft of hair and down and leave in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing completely


  1. Towel or air dry hair as much as possible before blow drying

  2. Use heat protectant, leave in conditioners, or treatment oils from midshaft to ends

  3. Start at the ends and work towards the scalp

  4. DO NOT go to bed with hair wet or damp


  1. Do not go higher than 320 degree F

  2. Keep hot tools away from the point of attachment

  3. Do not style daily


  1. Use professional grade products recommended by your Stylist

  2. Avoid alcohol based products close to the point of attachment


  1. Wet your hair with fresh water and apply leave in conditioner to midshaft to the ends

  2. Tie in loose ponytail or braid

  3. Once finished rinse hair with fresh water and apply leave in conditioner


  1. Brush hair before bed

  2. Pull into loose ponytail or braid with silk scrunchie

  3. DO NOT go to sleep with wet hair – this can cause tangling close to the scalp (if this happens call your Stylist to remove hair immediately)


  1. Consult with your Stylist before attempting to color your hair


  1. Minimize heat use

  2. Wash your hair LESS

  3. Minimize bleaching if your hair is already damaged – bleaching will make it worse

  4. Trim your hair – this does not make your hair grow faster but it does get rid of split ends that travel up the hair shaft and break off much higher up than if you were to cut them in the first place

  5. Get regular deep conditions – they help restore moisture – brittle hair is more prone to breakage

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