Hair Extensions Friendly Hairstyles

Hair extensions can transform your look and confidence. Every woman dreams of luscious locks that look healthy and thick, but unfortunately, only a few have such hair. Natural hair also requires a lot of effort to maintain and every person doesn’t have that kind of time. Hair extensions are therefore, your best bet. You can finally try that hairdo you have been wanting too with your new locks.

Here are some hair extension friendly hairstyles to try out:

Waterfall pony

Ponytails are a classic hairstyle, but they can look unimpressive at times. Transform your regular ponytail with a waterfall ponytail. To achieve a waterfall effect you need to create a low ponytail with some of your hair, leaving the majority for the high ponytail. Flair out the upper ponytail to conceal the pony below. A waterfall pony looks longer and more voluminous than a regular one. Add some curls to boost the volume furthermore.


Loose twists are such a pretty and feminine hairstyle. They look great with loose waves and can be worn with a more casual or formal look. Adding texture to your hair, followed by loose twists pinned in place allows you to conceal any hair extensions. Add gems to your hair to make the look even more special.

Braided crown

This simple hairstyle adds so much to your look, especially if you have long hair extensions. Braid the front of your hair loosely going around the front of your head. You can choose to tie the two braids together at the back of your hair or leave them down the sides. Add some messy waves in for a more casual look.

90s inspired hair

90s fashion, 90s makeup, and 90s hair has made quite a comeback this year. The iconic 90s half-up ponytail has become popular once again. This look is like the Ariana Grande hairstyle, but even bigger! You need hair extensions to provide the sheer volume this hairstyle requires.

Messy top knot

Top knots are an easy hairstyle to achieve when you’re short on time. It looks impressive and makes you look “snatched.” The more volume you have in your hair, the better it is for this hairstyle, therefore hair extensions are always welcome. Take some time out to conceal any hair extension beads or tape-ins if they are visible. Pull out some pieces to frame your face too.

Messy and undone inverted twists

Half up, half down hairstyles always look so elegant, even when done messily. Since hair extensions give you a lot more volume, you can do this hairstyle without worrying about having a fine layer of hair left loose. This hairstyle is done in multiple rows of half ponytails and then inverted. Loosen up each twist for the full effect.

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