Hair Extensions Maintenance – The Dos And Don’ts

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your look. More people are wearing some kind of hair extensions today than ever before. Hair extensions are the norm for celebrities. Female celebrities are rarely seen without their hair extensions.

While hair extensions look amazing and can make you feel more confident, there’s a lot to know about its maintenance. Maintain these locks the right way and they will last you a long time.

Here are some hair extension maintenance dos and don’ts:

Go to you maintenance appointments

Depending on your hair growth and the kind of hair extensions you have installed, you need to visit the hair extension salon for the extensions to be moved up as your hair grows out. The hair extensions are taken out and placed closer to the root to account for the regrowth. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you might have to visit the salon every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s essential that you make time for maintenance or else your hair can get matted and knotted at the root.

Don’t over wash your hair

Washing your hair several times a week is not healthy for your natural hair as well as your hair extensions . It dries hair extensions out, making them susceptible to damage. Over washing your hair strips it of its natural oils, making it look frizzy and dry. Try to stick to 2 washes per week for the best results.

Use a hair extension brush

The type of brush you use on your hair extensions is important. You need a special hair extension brush that’s gentle on the hair and won’t rip out your extensions. Our double bristle brushes have soft bristles and pass over the point of attachment easily. Regular brushes with single bristles and beads can tug and pull on your hair, causing hair loss.

Bedtime routine

If you’re getting hair extensions to add length to your hair, you may not be used to long hair and could be rolling over and pulling on it all night. Leaving your hair loose while you sleep results in friction, frizz, hair fall, and countless knots, which isn’t ideal when you have hair extensions. For long hair, we always recommend putting your hair in a low bun or braid when you go to bed. Use a silk scrunchie so that it doesn’t break any hair when you take out. An additional step that can really help preserve the look of your hair extensions is to use a silk bonnet. It will keep your hair extensions in the best shape possible.

Wet Hair

When wearing extensions it is important to never leave you hair wet. You can go to the pool, the ocean, take a shower and it is no problem. But don’t leave your hair wet for more than an hour, because when your hair is wet it is in an elastic state which is susceptible to breakage- with or without hair extensions. Not to mention, water molecules are sticky and this is why your hair sticks together when wet. With the combination of shedded hair, extra hair, environmental exposure you could end up with a hot mess. Always blow dry your hair in sections and be sure to finish with cool air.

Here at Premier Violet Hair we offer a variety of professional hair extension installation methods for every kind of hair type and requirement. We also provide hair extension maintenance Houston for our clients there. Get in touch with our hair extensions salon in Houston TX for more information.

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