Here’s How You Can Make Your Hair Extensions Last A Long Time

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Hair extensions can be expensive. And while you deserve to treat yourself to the finer things in life, it's also essential to make the most out of your purchase!

While most hair extensions are expected to last up to six months, the right care practices can double that timespan! Follow these tips to increase your hair extension’s longevity and have them shine just like the day you got them!

Washing Your Extensions

Your hair washing technique could be cutting down your hair extensions’ life span without you even knowing it!

Make sure to use silicone-free products for your hair washing routine. Silicone can build up in your hair, which eventually makes you lose the glossy look you've grown to love. Additionally, make sure never to towel dry your extensions. Instead, squeeze out the excess water with a microfiber cloth to avoid frizz and try to air dry whenever possible.

Sleeping With Wet Extensions

We know how tempting it is to curl up in bed after a nice hot shower. But if your hair is wet, we strongly advise that you wait until your hair is dry to the touch!

Your hair is incredibly vulnerable while wet and can break easily. Sleeping with wet hair and tossing and turning all night can cause severe bedhead in the morning. Your hair will also be filled with knots and tangles, and brushing through it will only loosen the bonds with your hair extensions!

Weekly Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning your hair provides it with some much-needed hydration and leaves your hair looking nourished and healthier.

Every week, you need to apply natural oils at home to deep condition your hair and give it the moisture it needs. However, if you can’t figure out the right routine for your hair and extensions, you can always drop by our hair salon!

At Premier Violet Hair, we not only supply best hair extensions in Houston, but we also excel in hair extension maintenance Houston! Drop by our hair extensions salon in Houston for some much-needed TLC, which will increase your extensions' longevity! Contact us today to book an appointment.

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