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How to Achieve Your Goals with Beauty Services

Updated: Jan 11

Beauty services demands have sky rocketed in the most recent years. More and more new techniques and methods are created to improve and innovate these services.

What was valued a few years ago regarding service status and education level has been changing. The professions back then required graduating with a degree, that is, it was necessary to have at least completed higher education. But nowadays things are not like that. It has already been proven that the professions that currently yield the most do not depend on a higher education/degree, but on adequate technical knowledge to perform a certain service.

Beauty services fit exactly into these professions that are on the rise, taking into account that a course of improvement in a certain technique can generate a much greater financial return than other areas.

It is possible to have a great income working with beauty services and achieve goals you can't even imagine. It all depends on having well-established goals for where you are and where you want to go.

Set specific goals and take time to build a 2-year plan to get there. Then break that 2-year plan into shorter “sprints”. We call these SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.


“I need to earn 100K or more” is not specific. “I need more clients” is not specific.

“I need 75 more clients in the next 2 years”, is getting closer.

“I need to average 3-4 new customers each month and keep my customer churn rate below 20%,” is pretty specific.


Measurable means knowing what numbers you need to hit to reach your goals and making sure you have the processes in place to monitor your progress.

What cannot be measured cannot be achieved. How do you know how many clients you need if you don't know how much your making per service/time per service?

Create metrics to measure how your business is doing. It is possible to find several tips on the internet, not only in the area of ​​beauty, but also in other niches.


If you work part-time in a small neighborhood, it doesn't make sense to set a goal of 250 customers with an average service value of $200. Nothing weakens your enthusiasm more than setting unrealistic goals and continually missing them.

Start smaller if you need to. If you are currently earning $1,000 per month, your plan for the next 6 months cannot be a salary of $30,000.

Try to research the earnings of renowned professionals, learn about the growth story so that you are inspired and understand that everything happens one step at a time.


Making sure your goals are relevant can take two forms. Broadly speaking, if you're balancing family and kids, social life, and more, it might not be a relevant goal to say I want to manage 400 customers and be famous on Instagram.

Define what is most important in your life and establish your work goals from there.

Perhaps prioritizing your family today, the achievement of your goals may take longer to arrive, but on the other hand, you will not regret wasting this precious time with the most important people in your life.


Timely means you are setting specific milestones that you need to reach at specific times. On a general level, this means I want to double my income in 2 years, but you really should be looking at more granular timelines.

Using the “75 new customers in 2 years” example we used earlier, breaking it down into smaller increments showed us that we needed to add 3-4 customers every 30 days. Create accountability for your goals.

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