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How To Blow Dry Hair Extensions

Blow drying your hair extensions the right way will help them last longer and grow out better. There has been a number of clients of mine who have come back to me with their extensions fried or pulled out (or both) because of a improper blow out jobs. Extremely high heat and rough round brushes can really do some damage. Follow these steps for best results.

Step 1

Towel Dry Hair Extensions

It's always important to not dry your hair went its still sopping wet. Not only will it take you longer, but will require more heat to suck out the moisture. Start by towel drying your hair as much as possible, or even wait 5 - 10 minutes to let them air dry before starting.

Step 2

Clip Up Crown Area of Natural Hair

Because hair extensions are porous, they will take longer to dry than you natural hair. This is why I recommended clipping up your natural hair out of the way so it won't get anymore heat than it needs.

Step 3

Start with a Rough Dry

Using the High heat setting, move the air through your hair using your fingers to comb through the extensions. Be sure the air is in constant motion and moving all around the head.

Step 4

Dry Roots first, then move to ends

Once the hair is about 70% - 80% dry I like to drop the heat setting down to medium and dry the roots. This will 1) not burn your scalp with high heat, and 2) not over heat the point of attachment for the extensions. Plus, in general is is best to work from high heat to low heat to maintain the integrity of the hair.

You will most likely have to go row by row drying the roots of the extensions, especially if you have thicker hair. It is super important that the roots are completely dry because damp roots are the main cause of tangling with hair extensions at home care.

Once the roots are dry you can work your way down the hair shaft to the roots, again continuing to use constant motion and gently finger combing the hair.

At this point you can also let down your natural hair at the crown area and dry it.

Step 5

Finish with Cool Air

The hair should be 98% - 100% dry which in this case you want to finish the job with cool air. Drop down your heat setting to low (or cool) and work your way from roots to ends. This will help cool down the point of attachment for the extensions and set down the cuticle for healthier hair results.

Be sure to always use heat protectant when using any kind of hot tools on your hair and I recommend finishing it all up with a nice, light-weight hair oil to give it that bounce and shine.

Have anymore questions about how to care for your hair extensions at home?

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