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How To Care For Your Curly Hair Extensions?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Nothing adds glamour to your mane quite like curly hair extensions. If you don’t like the idea of slick straight hair and want to amp up your natural hair texture, then curly hair extensions are the perfect choice for you!

Just like your natural hair, your curly extensions will also need a lot of care and love if you want them to look as glossy and bouncy as they did the day you got them. Here are our top tips for keeping your curls looking natural and fun every single day!

Co-Wash Your Hair

Co-washing, or conditioner washing, is when you only wash your hair using a moisturizing conditioner. We know, it sounds crazy, but it also works wonders for curly hair and helps maintain hydration for a really long time.

When you co-wash, you’re essentially scrubbing your scalp and removing all the gunk and build-up, just like you would with regular shampoo. However, a silicone-free conditioner ensures your scalp is not stripped of its natural oils. Similarly, co-washing extensions helps the hair remain soft, and means there won’t be any harsh chemicals to cause any frizz!

Use a Diffuser to Dry Your Extensions

When dealing with extensions, it's important to always dry them. However, curly hair requires a diffuser attachment on you blow dryer to keep the curls neat and frizz free.

Flip you hair over and with medium power begin to scrunch you curly extensions with the blow dryer diffuser until dry.

Finger Combing Is Essential!

A hairbrush is your curly hair extensions’ worst enemy! Not only will it cause terrible frizz, but you’re going to lose all your curls.

So, what do you do when your extensions are a tangled mess? We’ve got two words for you; finger combing! If you ever find yourself dealing with stubborn tangles, cover the hair in conditioner and use your fingers to detangle your hair slowly. Not only will this help your hair remain tangle-free, but you also won’t be ruining the curl pattern in the process.

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