How To Find The Right Hairstylist

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Finding the right hairstylist for you and your hair dreams can be hard. There are so many stylists out there and they all seem to specialize in different things, use different products and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s pretty common for us stylists to get new clients and hear “the last stylist told me to do this‘ ‘, or “that this product was better”, or “that that was bad for your hair”, ect. Well I am here to simplify things for you. Are you ready?

Find a stylist that is just like you. Literally. Her style, her work, her clients. All of it.

If you have curly hair go to someone who specializes in that. If you are a blonde or balayage fanatic, go to someone who just does that. Do you like crazy colors in your hair? Go to a colorist! I mean don’t make things hard on yourself. Shop around. Scroll through their pages and website.

Does that hairstylist have similar interests as you? Good because you’ll probably be stuck in her chair for 3 hours and now you guys have something to talk about. You want someone who you vibe with so the experience itself will be fun as well.

The reason why I was inspired to write this blog is because the other day I saw a stylist on Instagram posting that hand tied wefts were the best type of extension, and individual strand extensions ruin your hair. Obviously this grabbed my attention because as most of you already know individual strand extensions are my favorite and I believe that k-tips are the best type of extension.

However, as I scrolled through her work and saw her clientele, I realized she wasn’t wrong. But neither was I. She is correct about hand tied extensions being the best because for her type of clientele it is the best option. Almost all of her client’s had african american hair or a very thick hair type, including the stylist herself. So she knows from her personal experience and from her clients that that type of extension is the best for that hair type.

As I scrolled through my work and clientele, I know I am right when I say ktips are the best because all my clientele have finer hair and different lifestyles, including myself. So I know what’s best for my clients from my personal experience and theirs.

Basically what I am trying to say is that if you find a stylist that is like you they will understand you better and give you the results you want. They have the knowledge to take care of your hair type, they understand your lifestyle, and they will communicate this all to you in a way better than a stylist who doesn’t match with you.

I know what it’s like to have thin hair, I have personally tried every extension type, I have a certain lifestyle, and I went to school to learn to do hair so with the knowledge and experience I have accumulated, I know all the right methods and products that will help my ideal client. And as a stylist who is aware of her strengths and specialties, I will not accept clients that don’t match that. Period. And neither should you go to a stylist that doesn’t fit who you are.

All in all, there are lots of stylists out there and they all have their own opinions on certain things. But that doesn’t mean another stylist is wrong, it’s what she specializes in and what her work and knowledge consists of. Do your research, ask your questions, and make sure that that stylist is a good fit for you before you let her touch your hair!


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