How To Get Your First Hair Extension Clients

Starting a hair extension business is so exciting! But the starting part is probably the hardest... We are talking about getting your first clients. Your first clients are going to be the foundation to where you start your portfolio and test out your skills. But where to start?

Here are some great tips on our to get your first hair extension clients:

Start posting on your personal page

You most likely already have a following on your personal page so this is where you want to start. Be sure to let all your friends and family see what you are doing.

Honestly, your first clients will most likely be your friend or cousin, which is great because it will also make you feel more relaxed around this person. Take advantage and allow the people already in your community to help support your growing business.

Eventually open a professional page

As you collect content and before/after photos you will want to make it official by creating a professional page solely for your clients and your work. Be sure to state who you are, what you offer, and where you are located in your bio.

Using Instagram

Your first posts will be more in depth of the details of your service, details about you as a stylist, what you offer, FAQs, day to day work, and educational things for your clients. You can also pay to promote posts to get in front of people looking for hair extensions.

Using Facebook

Facebook has a ton of groups where you can post your services in your city. Be sure to read the group rules first before posting! Some groups you can post in are: selling, women's, buying, services .

Once you get your first inquiry

  1. Invite them to book with you

  2. Provide the best service you can

  3. Ask for a referral from 2 friends to get the same service

  4. Invite the indicated friends

  5. Repeat

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