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How To Make $10K Months Your New Normal As A Hair Extension Stylist

Updated: Jan 11

Have you ever dreamed about making $10k in one month? Well we are here to tell you it is possible. Here is how with hair extensions...

At Premier Violet Hair Extensions we teach you how to earn $150/hour with hair extensions. If you have not already, please read this blog post before continuing.

Ok so now that we have you caught up, let's talk about making $10K months your new normal!

As you have learned, with our tape weft extensions installation you could be performing this 45-60 minute service and charging $150, or $150/hour for a keratin tip installation service.

Now let's take a look at some numbers:

To earn $10,000 in one month that breaks down to earning $2,500 per week.

If you were to to divide $2,500 by $150 that would equal to 16-17 clients per week for a tape weft installation.

Or throw in some keratin tip clients it could be 10 tape weft clients and 4 keratin tip clients.

This looks like about 16-18 hours of actually working with clients.

Add on some hours for prepping and cleaning before and after the service will total you to about 25 hours per week!

In other words you could be working 15-25 hours every week and earning yourself $10,000 per month!

Do you see how $10,000 per month is possible for you with hair extensions?

Let's say you sell an average of $180 worth of hair to 10 clients in one week. That's about $130 extra per week you could make on top of the $10k!

Jumpstart your career in Hair Extensions today with Premier Violet Hair Extensions online training for mastering the hottest extensions on the market today, building your business the right way, and using quality, affordable hair extensions for your clients from a trusted source. Or check out our tools and blogs for up leveling your knowledge and skills! We are here to help you create the life you deserve.



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