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How To Make $150/hour With Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 11

Are you wanting more out of your career? Whether it be money, time, purpose - or all of the above. I'd like to chat for a moment about how you could be earning $150/hour will working with hair extensions.

First of all, I want to welcome you here and introduce myself. My name is Violet and I am the founder of Premier Violet Hair Extensions. I have used hair extensions pretty much all my life, as I genetically have always had thin, fine hair and desired more. In high school I started out using clip in hair extensions, which looking back now was a total disaster. I used the wrong colors, didn't know how to properly install them, sometimes used synthetic hair... It was a journey, but it was a start.

Moving into young adulthood I continued using them, got better with my applications and styling, then started dipping into semi permanent hair extensions. My first time doing semi permanent extensions I let my lash stylist (not certified or licensed in hair) do them for me and it completely ruined my hair. So I decided to take things into my own hands and learn the best techniques, hair qualities, textures, colors - literally everything about hair extensions! I became a master at hair extensions and would do them on myself and get so many compliments and questions.

During this time I was attending the University and dancing at some of the clubs in my city. Girls from the clubs started asking me about my extensions, and one thing led to another - I started doing hair extensions for them.

I was spending a ton of money at the University and after 2 years I still did not know what I wanted to do. Then it hit me. Hair Extensions! I knew how hair extensions made me feel - confident, sexy, feminine - and I seen how the girls I did hair extensions for also felt this way. And it felt so satisfying and fun and really, too good to be true. But I did know that I was an expert in it already, everyone was asking me about them and I seemed to become the hair extensions go-to girl.

So I decided to take a leap and start my own hair extension business. And let me tell you, everything changed. I think my biggest fear was the money. At the clubs I was bringing in a lot of money and I did not want to leave that for a 9 to 5 job paying low wages. But after looking at the numbers, what other salons were charging in my city, and what I could charge... I realized I could maintain my lifestyle and live a more fulfilling life. I like to call my hair extensions earnings "stripper money" (lol) - but better! Because it rewarded me as if I was still dancing but I was actually spending less time working and more time doing things I love.

Now, I have built a wonderful clientele of women, offering them affordable, quality hair extensions with the best method types on the market. But not just that, it goes deeper - I am able to give women the confidence they desire to live their best lives. Because I believe when you look good, you feel good, and you do good.

As for myself, I was able to create my life the way I desired. A work schedule that fits me, gives me time for myself and my family. To have money to buy the finer things in life, create a beautiful home and go on vacations and see the world and learn so many new things. Also build beautiful relationships with other women and create a high vibe community.

And this is want I want for you as well.

So let's talk about the hair extension business!

I personally have tried pretty much all of the extension methods on the market - and some that you probably haven't heard about. After many trials and errors, I came down to 2 methods that are the best: tape wefts and keratin tips.

Tape Weft Hair Extensions are by far my favorite method and here's why:

  • They work with all hair types and textures

  • Non damaging (when applied, maintained, and removed properly)

  • Discreet

  • Comfortable

  • Super quick application (no more standing on your feet all day)

  • Affordable (less chair time, great for client's budgets)

  • Give amazing results! (you can't go wrong with the blanket like coverage for mega volume and instant length)

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions are great for a different type of lifestyle:

  • They are long lasting (3 to 6 months)

  • Super flexible (give 360 degree movement)

  • Discreet

  • Comfortable

  • Non damaging (when applied, maintained, and removed properly)

With these 2 techniques you can give the best of both worlds for whatever client comes to you.

Now let's talk about Common Client Cases.

I would say the majority of your clients will fall under these few categories:

  • Genetically thin hair

  • Bleach/Chemical/Heat damage

  • Hair loss from health issue

Clients will come to you for a consultation and it is your job to sit and listen. Most of them will be a bit upset or distraught about their thin hair. Which is totally understandable! Hair is our identity, it's a major thing that people remember us by. So helping these women feel more confident about themselves with hair extensions will change their life! And you will be the one to thank.

And best of all... You can start a hair extension business with no money, no salon and no experience! I go into more details about this in another blog post here.

And so for the grand finale! How to make more money working less.

We are talking about working 30 to 60 minutes and charging $150 per hour!

No salon service or other job offers that much hourly pay per service.

On top of that, working solely with hair extensions will make you look like the professional in that area!

I mean it's like if you are going to bleach your hair platinum you want someone who is an expert in doing platinum hair. Otherwise you will end up with no hair. So my point here is people love those who are a master at one thing, not the person who is OK at everything. Especially when it come to hair extensions.

You will be able to offer them the best services, prices and results!

Tape Weft Hair Extensions take about 45-60 minutes on average to do the install, cut and style. For this service you could be charge $150 starting out.

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions take about 4-5 hours on average to do the install, cut and style. Per hour you could be charging $150 for this service.

Take your career in hair extensions to the next level with Premier Violet Hair Extensions Signature Program.

This includes:

The Hair Extension Business Bible

  • Your Dream Life

  • Goal Setting

  • Your Mission

  • Ideal Client

  • Money Mindset

  • Branding

  • Photos

  • Authenticity

  • Ideal Schedule

  • Time Management

  • Education

  • Specialty

  • About Me

  • Content

  • Blog

  • Social Media

  • Promotions

  • Pricing

  • Referrals

  • Official Launch

  • Facebook + Instagram

  • Consultations

  • Guest Experience

  • Bookings

  • Moving Forward

  • Up-Leveling

Training Videos for Tape Weft and Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

  • Installation

  • Removal

  • Cut & Blending

Wishing you joy & abundance,




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