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How to Wash Less

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Having greasy hair is a cyclical problem— you wash your hair to keep it looking fresh, but the more you wash your hair, the greasier it becomes. That’s because over-shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, meaning that your scalp ends up producing even more oil!

However, we have a solution. You can train your hair to be less greasy.

Like any other form of training, it isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Here’s how!

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Many shampoos contain alcohols and other substances that strip your hair of their natural oils and dry your scalp out. Invest in sulfate-free shampoos that are gentle on your hair, so that you can wash them without overly drying out your scalp. Keeping the natural oils in your hair will make for a healthy scalp and result in longer, stronger hair!

Use Dry Shampoo

Between washes, we suggest dry shampoo. It will help absorb some of the oils and allow you to go longer in between washes.

The most popular kind comes in an aerosol spray can that you simply shake and spray onto the roots. Another kind that many dark haired clients like is the foam kind, in which you shake and pump into you hand, then massage into your roots.

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this.

The amount of times you need to wash your hair per week depends on the buildup of sebum on your scalp. Those with curly hair don’t need to wash their hair that often, though it usually does depend on physiology and genetics. Make a shampooing schedule and stick to it. I

f you normally wash your hair every day, try every other day, then every 3 days, 4 days, and so on. After about a month to two months your scalp will adapt and stop producing so much oil.

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