Identity Crisis and Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Sometimes I find that when I take my extensions out I begin to feel different, not myself and it really gets me down. I feel not as pretty or feminine without my long locks. And I find that my clients experience the same thing when they too remove their extensions. It’s almost like a bit of an identity crisis. You don’t recognize that girl in the mirror anymore.

And sometimes it can be the opposite for other women. I’ve had clients who sat in my chair and haven’t had long hair since they were a little girl. Then, once the extensions are installed they are kind of in a state of shock – they don’t recognize the lady in the mirror anymore.

These feelings can be difficult to navigate because as women we attach our self worth to our image. But I am here to tell you, hair or no hair you are still you. You are still that soul, the personality that your friends and family love. You are still just as beautiful with or without your locks.

I want to encourage you to not take life so seriously. I want you to embrace every temporary moment in your life. Yes, I said temporary because nothing stays the same. Nothing. I want you to embrace your short hair and make the best out of it. Or embrace those long, new locks and own yourself.

I want you to think of yourself as a celebrity – because you are. Everyone’s a celebrity in their own little world. Everything revolves around you in your world. And I want you to think of these times of hair change as literally that – you’re changing up your style. Like Kylie Jenner, for example. One week you have a cute bob, the next week you got mermaid hair.

Life is supposed to be fun for you. You are a spirit in a physical body. Your body is your avatar and you can do what you please with it. Embrace the change – make the most out of your hair in every stage that it is in.

I mean hey, with long locks you can wear certain hairstyles that you can’t with short hair, and with short hair you can wear certain hairstyles that you can’t with long hair. So have fun with it! Take lots of pictures! Be thankful that you have the opportunity to “play Barbie” and change your looks because not everyone can.

I encourage you to also not be so attached to your physical being. I encourage that you not be so attached to your “identity”. Realize that what you look like on the outside is not really who you are. Who you are is within you. Your outer being is just an expression of that. When you are ok with how you look no matter what, you have complete power. When you are able to control the way you feel regardless of the conditions happening around you and to you, you are in control of your life. But, when you worry about what others think of you, you give your power away to them. You give them the power to put you down and you give them the power to make you feel negative emotions. You are stronger than that. Own your shit. The good and the bad. Because you are all of it.

Life is supposed to be fun for you. Make a game out of it. Enjoy dressing up your “avatar” and playing with all of her hairstyles – short or long. Know that everything is temporary, that haircut is temporary, so embrace it now while you have the time. And remember, your identity is not your physical being, it is your inner being.