My Most Embarrassing Moment

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I started using clip in extensions when I was about 16 or 17 years old. I ordered a pair of my first clip-ins online without a clue about them. When they arrived they were not the same color as my own hair so I dyed them to match. I also did a little cutting here and there with scissors to make the extensions blended with my real hair. But in all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing and it showed. Although, I remember being so happy when I first put them in because finally I had long, thick hair! Yet, I was uneducated at the time about how to use clip-ins and install them correctly so I was in for a surprise…

At the time I would go out every weekend with the boyfriend I had to party. I would sneak into clubs with my fake ID and drink and dance and have a good time. Well, I decided to try out my new extensions one night and was excited to rock my new hair. After applying my makeup, putting on my outfit, I clipped in the extensions the best I knew how and ran out the door. The night flew by as we danced, sweated, and drank until we were drunk.

I went back to my boyfriend’s apartment and things started getting heated, as you can imagine. We were rolling around, making out, hands and tongue everywhere. Before you know it we were in doggie style when he rips my extensions out! He freaks out, thinking it was my real hair and I freak out thinking the same thing. Then I realized what had happened. Once I seen my clip-in extensions in his hand I snatched them back quickly and laughed with a bright red face. How embarrassing! That’s sure a quick way to kill the mood. In the end we were able to laugh it off thankfully and carry on, but I will never forget that moment!

So ladies, my point is to make sure your shit is secured before you go out. Educate yourself on how to install clip-ins so you don’t have them falling out while you’re at the club. Read my blog post called, “Your Free Training On Clip-Ins” so this does not happen to you. Now I only wear the semi-permanent extensions so they are more secure and longer lasting. My luscious locks can’t be ripped out as easily anymore lol – although I do not recommend trying this! If a guy goes for the hair pull try to avoid it at all costs! Tell him that it doesn’t turn you on or switch positions so he doesn’t have the chance to do so. Lastly, if you are wanting to get semi-permanent extensions for longer lasting, beautiful hair, contact me so we can set up a consultation. Take care of your extensions ladies, or this might happen to you!

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