Nighttime Heatless Hair Styles

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Heatless hairstyles are every girl’s dream.

Applying constant heat to your hair can greatly damage your follicles, leading to frizzy, dry, and brittle hair. It can also cause hair thinning and make your hair more prone to breakage— resulting in hair loss. A nightmare, right?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve got a list of ways you can achieve the perfect hairstyle without any heat involved!

Pin Straight

This method is tried and true and has been used by women for decades. Want to wake up with heatless, silky straight hair? We got the solution for you. Start by applying hair oil serum to the midshaft to ends of your hair. Then, proceed to part your hair in a middle and take it all the way to your nape section (as if you were going to do two pigtails). Take one section of hair and begin to wrap it around your head - starting from the back so the ends of your hair land on the crown or side of your head. Use several bobby pins to secure into place. Repeat with the second side. Finally use your silk bonnet for a frizz free night's sleep.

Twist into a Bun

If you want a surefire way to get a volumizing hairstyle, we suggest going the bun way. Apply hair oil serum to your hair from the midshaft to ends. Then twist your moisturized hair in a low bun to get soft, volumizing waves and secure with a bobby pin or scrunchy. To achieve tighter waves, separate your hair into small two to four sections and twist each section into a bun and secure. Wake up and spray in some texturizing spray or hairspray and seize the day!

A girl running her hair through her hair in nature

Beachy Braids

A fun, fool-proof way to get the mermaid waves, braids are a great solution for every hair type. Start by applying hair oil serum from the midshaft to ends of your hair. Then, if you are wanting bigger, looser waves - pull your hair back into one big, loose braid down your back and secure it with a silk scrunchy. If you are wanting tighter, smaller waves - separate your hair into two to four sections and braid down each section and secure.

Finish strong with some hair and volumizing spray when you undo your braids, and enjoy beautiful, bouncy curls for days! Add hair extensions to your hair for a fuller look.

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