Sticky Situations: How to Get Candy Out of Hair

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

A happy young brunette woman chewing gum in a bowling alley

Back in the golden days, we'd come back with scraped knees, dirty elbows, and candy in our hair. We'd wait restlessly as our parent's washed our faces, applied ointment on our knees, and snipped away the candy stuck in our hair with a pair of scissors.

But now that we’re adults, we can’t just snip away our problems. So, what do we do?

Here’s how to remove candy or gum from your hair without ruining it.

Harden It

The first step to removing candy from your hair is by attempting to do so without any other substances in the mix. Due to the chemical composition of candy, it’ll be easier for you to take it out of your hair once it’s hard.

Separate the strands around the candy and isolate the affected area. Do it ASAP; otherwise, it'll get super complicated and painful later on. You can use ice to harden for best results, and after a while, it'll be hard enough for you to remove it using your hands without any problem.

Colorful and sticky candy

Creamy, Steamy Peanut Butter

Ah yes, finally a practical use for that jar of peanut butter that’s been collecting dust in your cupboard for ages now.

Using a toothbrush, apply the peanut butter onto your hair. The bristles will make the candy or gum easier to break, and it helps spread the oil from the peanut butter to spread around more evenly in your hair. Using a spoon on the opposite side, attempt to wean the candy off. Continue to massage the peanut butter in the affected area, and once the candy starts to loosen, you can use your hands to pick it out of your hair and lick your fingers afterward!

Vegetable Oil Galore

If peanut butter won’t do the trick, your last resort is using vegetable oils like olive oil. Cover the candy with the oil, and use a toothbrush or your fingers to spread it around. Let the oil sink in and work its magic, and use a wide-tooth comb to gently remove the candy from your hair. Remember, the keyword here is gently.

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