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Terminal Length: What is it?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If your hair won't grow and breaks too early, you're not alone.

Hair growth is among the most pressing of hair trials and tribulations. If you feel like your hair won’t grow past a certain point, it’s because you have bad hair habits— or your hair have reached their terminal length.

Here’s everything you need to know about the terminal length to help you understand why your hair won’t grow past a certain point.

What is Terminal Length?

Terminal length refers to the longest possible length your hair can reach without breaking, being trimmed, or cut. 85% of our hair is always growing, whereas the rest is resting or preparing to shed. The hair that's preparing to shed has reached its terminal length since they're in their telogen phase.

What Determines Terminal Length?

The terminal length of your hair is determined by a number of things, including genetics, lifestyle, diet, hair density, hair growth cycle, and more.

The active growth cycle of hair is 2–8 years. Our hair stops growing once our hair growth cycle ends. A lot of people don't know about their terminal length because most of their hair hasn't reached the growing phase. Bad hair habits, diet, and lifestyle can all contribute to hair breakage, preventing your hair from reaching their terminal length.

How Can I Improve Hair Growth?

A number of factors can improve hair growth and ensure that your hair reaches its terminal length.

Just like your skin loves you for drinking water, your hair loves you for the nourishment you provide through your diet and exercise regimen. Eating a vitamin-rich diet full of healthy nutrients will ensure that your hair is healthy and shiny and promote hair growth. Include things, such as eggs, spinach, berries, and nuts, in your diet. These items are rich in biotin, protein, Vitamin A, C, and E— all of which strengthen and promote hair growth.

Following a poor hair care routine like applying way too much styling product, towel drying your hair, washing it with hot water, etc., can lead to hair damage and breakage. Implement healthy hair habits, oil your hair regularly, and use gentle shampoos and products in your hair to prevent breakage before your hair reaches its terminal length.

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