The Ultimate Guide To Hair Salon Etiquette

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hair salon trips can be unnerving for many, especially if it’s a new place. However, going to a premium salon can also be a luxurious experience. It all depends on your behavior and how you treat your trip.

Even if you’re not someone who likes to get pampered at a salon, going to the salon often for hair trims is essential to promote healthier hair growth. So, to make the inevitable comfortable, here are some salon etiquette tips to keep in mind for your upcoming trip.

Arrive On Time

This is probably the most obvious, yet the most overlooked rule that inconveniences both the hair stylist and the customer. Make sure to always be on time. You could even wait at the salon for your appointment time, but arriving late is a big no-no.

Most professional hair stylists are fully booked, and they have to add you into their very busy schedule to give your hair the time and attention it needs. When you arrive late, you’re pushing the hair stylist to rush through their services, which might not bring you the outcome you originally booked the service for. Since you’re paying for the service, it makes sense to show up on time and not compromise on what could have been the perfect hair treatment.

No Last-Minute Cancellations

Most hair stylists will give you a run-down of the time and day they would be available. They also provide cancellation within a specific time period, and anything after that incurs a charge. It’s important to stick by the rules and avoid any last-minute cancellations or worse, never showing up!

When you make an appointment, your hair stylist commits that time of the day to you entirely. They refuse other clients and services so they can give you their undivided attention. When you cancel on short notice, the hair stylist is left with no work for the time slot, and they end up losing money. It’s seen as inconsiderate to their time and severely frowned upon!

Be Honest

Before or during your hair appointment, your hair stylist is most likely going to ask you questions about your hair. These questions can be about your hair health, the products you use, your routine or anything that they might need to know before starting treatment.

It’s crucial that you provide all the information they’re asking for, since it’s for your own good. You might feel embarrassed mentioning how often you use heating tools or the fact that you don’t bother with hair masks or heat protectant sprays, but these are all things you need to relay to your hairdresser. The more they know about your hair health, the better they can serve you while ensuring your hair sustains minimal damage!

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