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This Client’s Hair Grew 8 Inches In 13 Months

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

A lot of people ask if hair extensions are damaging, the answer is no. With the correct installation, maintenance and removal the hair extension will not damage your real hair. In fact, hair extensions are great for those who are trying to grow out their natural hair and still want to feel confident while doing so.

Every single client of mine that uses extensions are still able to grow at their hair in a healthy way. Extensions should never stop your hair from growing! With this client specifically, they used keratin bond extensions – which this type tends to get the worst wrap for the heat used to apply them, but for myself personally they are my favorite! Keratin bonds allow for 360 degree movement and last the longest. A keratin is melted around the extension and the real hair for a slip free promise, and is easily removed without damaging the real hair. These are great for people with fine hair because the bond can be cut into small pieces that are almost untraceable. This method can also last for 4 to 6 months with proper maintenance and care!

The majority of my clients hair goal is to grow out their hair but don’t want to wait another year to have luscious locks. Extensions are a great way to have both, and the proof is in the photo! Why wait for long hair when you can have it now?


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