Trend Alert: Face-Framing 90s

The 90s have been a huge inspiration for fashion, makeup, and hair in the past couple of years. Trends we once thought were strange have come about sooner than we anticipated. Many celebrities have been sporting these trends as well which has fueled its popularity.

When it comes to hair trends, one popular 90s trends that has come around again is the face-framing highlights. These are also known as e-girl highlights since popular internet personalities have been seen in them. This trend includes bleaching chunky layers at the front of your hairline. Some choose to try other colors with this trend too.

Here are some variations of the trend you might want to try:

High contrast bleach blonde with dark hair

In the past, blended highlights were the go-to. Just like eyeshadow, it needed to be blended really well for a seamless look. However, with these face-framing highlights, it’s quite the opposite. People want these highlights to be prominent and are therefore bleaching big chunks of hair, while pairing with dark hair around the crown. The popular singer, Dua Lipa showcased this highlighted hair as one of her iconic looks. She went almost platinum blonde with a base of deep brown. These highlights were kept cool, while her base is more warm-toned.

Multiple face framing highlights

Who says you need to stick to just two highlights down your middle part? You can rock this current trend with multiple chunky pieces at the front of your head. 4 chunky pieces give the appearance of a different color at the front, while the back is usually quite dark.

Caramel highlights

If you’re not quite sure about this trend, we suggest your start off easy. Stick to caramel highlights at the front that are more blended. You can always go lighter later if you like the look. Caramel highlights also compliment deeper skin tones better. Beyoncé has been sporting this trend with a rich caramel as her choice of tone.

Go neon

Other than the usual blonde and caramel, some famous faces have chosen to go with bright colors too. Many have followed suit, especially during quarantine since it’s an easy way to change up your look. From pink to teal and even neon green (inspired by Billie Eilish’s look), people are trying out this trend with bold colors.

Use Extensions

Did you know you can use extensions to achieve that highlight and/or ombre look without chemically altering your real hair? Even more, this is the time to go crazy and install a few pinks and greens. Talk with your extensionist to see what they can do for you!

Transform your hair with luscious hair extensions. Here at Premier Violet Hair we offer a variety of professional hair extension installation methods for every kind of hair type and requirement. We also provide hair extension maintenance Houston to our clients there. We can help you achieve any style you’re looking for. Get in touch with our hair extensions salon in Houston TX for more information.

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