What Happens When You Bleach Your Hair

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

What happens when you bleach your hair? A ton of celebrities have taken the plunge into the platinum blonde world which has sparked a trend! Bleaching your hair, whether you’re going platinum or getting highlights, can be a long and damaging process if not done right. So, what’s actually happening during this process? The more you know, the better you can protect your hair and keep it healthy.

Hair Swells

When bleaching your hair, your strands will swell up. Any type of lightener, usually hydrogen peroxide, opens up the hair cuticle and removes color.

Natural Pigment Dissolves

Once the lightener has opened up the cuticle, it will start to dissolve the natural pigment called melanin. The longer the lightener is left on the more pigment it removes. Your hair will lighten to a red or yellow tone depending on your natural color.

Elasticity and Porosity is Changed

Because the lightener opens up your hair cuticle, your hair will feel like it has a new texture. What this new texture actually is, is your cuticles standing straight up. This will cause your hair to become more elastic and porous. This allows it to hold a curl and absorb more moisture.

Prepare for Damage

Opening up your hair cuticle on a constant basis will eventually cause split ends. This is because the lightener will keep opening the cuticle until there’s nothing left to hold it together. Other elements, like heat styling and pollution, can also damage your hair.

Everyone’s Hair is Different

Your hair may not look like Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to bleaching due to natural color and texture. You may just need to book a few more sessions to get your desired color!

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Credit: Hair Extension Magazine

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