Why I Love 6D Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

6D Hair extensions are the newest extension method in the market today. Using new found technology, this method doesn't require heat or glue but is a hybrid of K-Tips and I-Tips combined. With a special machine, 6 individual extensions are applied at one time - saving you time and money. This is one of the most discreet method types and does not require any salon maintenance. They can be worn in your hair for up to 4-6 months and the hair is reusable.

As a stylist here are some main point on why 6D hair extensions have quickly become my favorite:

Quick Application + Removal

By using the handheld 6D machine, I am able to apply 10 individual extensions at one time. Unlike other individual extension methods like KTips and Itips where they are applied piece by piece and can take 4-6 hours to complete, 6D extensions can be applied to a whole head in under 2 hours. That means no long waits and long locks in no time! And let’s not forget about the removal. Contradictory to K-Tips that have to be crushed up before removing, 6D extensions are pretty similar to I-Tips wear you simply pop the microbead open and it slides right off. As a stylist, this saves me from my hand cramping up and you butt getting numb from sitting in the chair for so long.

More Affordable

Because of their quick application, our stylists do not have to spend so much time on installing the hair which means we can offer a much cheaper price than other individual extension methods. This excites me because that means I can reach a wide audience who could not afford individual extensions before.

Lasts Longer

6D extensions are a hybrid of K-Tip and I-Tip extensions. The hair is held together by a keratin protein and is attached to a micro bead by a string. Because the hair is not directly attached with the keratin onto the clients hair like K-Tips, you will experience less shedding. Why? Because with extensions you must brush on the point of attachments to keep the flow of naturally shedded hair out of the bonds. Our hair sheds about 50-100 pieces a day, and if you do not brush that hair will stay inside the bonds and collect over time. Add in wetting the hair, products, styling, ect - the hair will become matted. This is why brushing is important. But by brushing the point of attachment you weaken the keratin bond, causing some of the extension hair to shed out. I loved K-Tip because they were so customizable and gentle on the hair, but for this reason I liked I-Tips. With I-Tips, the hair is held together with keratin protein as well but it is not directly attached to the hair - so not as much shedding. But I-Tip have bigger beads that need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks. Now, with 6D hair extensions you can get the best of both worlds. They last 4-6 months in the hair without salon maintenance!

No Heat, No Glue!

Unlike K-Tips that require heat to melt the keratin to be able to attach it to the clients hair, the 6D hair extension machine does not need heat or glue to be attached. Many people are weary of K-Tips and Tape-Ins for this reason (although with proper application, maintenance and removal these method types will not damage your hair. 6D hair extensions are simply attached with a microbead that can last through 6 months of washing, coloring, conditioning, and blow drying!

Microscopic Size + 360 Degree Movement

6D hair extensions are one of the most discreet extensions in the market today. I thought K-Tips and I-Tips were pretty well hidden, but these babies are on another level! They also give 360 degree movement allowing you to style your hair as if you didn’t even have extensions in your hair in the first place.

Premier Violet Hair is one of the first Hair Extension Salons in the USA to offer these wonderful extensions because it is our goal to always keep up to date with the latest technology, best quality hair and the most competitive prices to keep our clients happy. Book you 6D hair extensions with us today or visit our Hair Salon & Store located in Houston, TX.

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