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Why Your Bonded Hair Extensions Are Falling Off

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

When it comes to hair extensions—there is no one-size-fits-all. Every head of hair is unique, and therefore requires different methods of fitting and sizing hair extensions. Depending on the brand, your hair extensions also require different methods of aftercare and maintenance.

However, some common factors lead to bonded hair extensions falling off your head.

Incorrect Aftercare

Aftercare is a fundamental aspect of maintaining healthy hair extensions. Your bonded hair extensions may be falling off because you may not be using the appropriate technique or correct shampoos. Don’t buy any shampoos containing sulfates and harsh alcohols as they can lead to dry, brittle, and frizzy hair.

Invest in hair oil for the lower section of your hair to keep them healthy, and remember to avoid applying oil into your bonds. This can cause buildup in the bonds of your hair extensions, resulting in them getting loose over time. Never apply conditioner directly to the scalp—instead, put it on your hands and gently apply to the ends. Don’t use conditioner on the root area, especially near your bonds, because it can lead to them falling out. Spend a few extra minutes rinsing your hair to ensure there isn't any product buildup.

Improper Brushing

The way that you brush your hair affects the position of your hair extensions, and a little too many people forget to be mindful of this. Invest in a hair extension brush or use a loop brush or a double bristle brush that'll help detangle your hair. Unlike normal brushes, these types of brushes don’t snag at the bonds. Constant snagging isn’t only painful, but also lead to your hair extensions falling off.

Make sure you’re brushing your hair correctly. Hold your hands over your bond as you brush gently in downward motions since it relieves pressure on the hair. Work in small sections around the roots so that your hair extensions' bonds don't absorb all the tension from brushing.


Lastly, your hair extensions are most vulnerable when they're wet. Since they've soaked up moisture, they're really heavy after shampooing and rinsing. Blow-dry and brush your hair slowly and gently when your hair is wet, and make sure you're hanging on to the top of your bonded hair extensions to stop them from slipping off. Your hair extensions may also fall off due to tangling and matting, so brush and tie your hair up in a loose braid before sleeping, and invest in a silk bonnet.

If you're looking for hair extensions to replace your current ones or looking to get them professionally removed, consider Premier Violet Hair. We’re one of the best hair extension salons in Houston, TX with the most natural-looking Keratin hair extensions.


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