Semi Permanent Hair Extensions

Only the best long term, non-damaging hair extensions for all hair types & textures

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Tape Weft


Tape Wefts are comfortable, lay flat to the head, are discreet, and provide MEGA volume. They’re attached by sandwiching your hair between two tape wefts. They require maintenance every 6-8 weeks. The weight of the panels are spread over a wide area of hair causing no damage to the client’s hair. Tape weft extensions are one of our most popular method and is the fastest method of application.

Suitable for hair types: Thin - Thick

Keratin Tips

Also known as fusions, hot fusions, or KTips - this method is tried, tested and true. When installed correctly, bonds are lightweight, discreet, flexible and durable. They're attached by molding a keratin tip containing an individual bundle of hair around an equal amount of your hair. They can be worn for 2-3 months straight without salon maintenance and are the most natural extension type.

Suitable for hair types: Thin - Medium 


Mega Slim VS Invisible


Mega Slim Tape Wefts are made with a rubber like panel in which the hair attaches to - making it super flat to the head and flexible.

Suitable for hair types: Thin - Medium

Invisible Tape Wefts are made with a machine weft foundation, sewing the hair onto a track - making it look more like a scalp when applied to the head.

Suitable for hair types: Medium - Thick