Houston Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

The Most Natural, Comfortable and Customizable Hair Extensions


Keratin Tipped Extensions are the most popular at Premier Violet Hair Extensions Store & Salon in Houston.


These extensions give the most natural look and provide 360 degree movement, allowing you to style your hair as if you didn't have them installed.


Keratin Tipped Extension method are applied with either heat, machine or a micro bead and typically lasts 3 months in total. Check out our blog post on how keratin tip extensions are installed!


Our quality Brazilian Remy Hair will last you 3 months when taken proper care of.

Once you try this method you will love it just as much as our clients do!

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Recommended Order Amount

Thin Hair     2-3 Packs

Medium Hair     3-4 Packs

Thick Hair     4-6 Packs