Houston Tape Weft Hair Extensions

The Easiest & Quickest Application of Hair Extensions in the Houston Market.


Tape-In Extensions are the second most popular at Premier Violet Hair Extensions Store & Salon in Houston.


These extensions give you instant long, thick hair in no more than 30 minutes and are great for those special occasions or newbies who aren't ready to commit to the long term extension game.


Tape Weft Extension method are applied by sandwiching your real hair between 2 tape wefts using medical grade tape, and typically lasts 6-8 weeks before needing maintenance. Check out our blog post on how tape weft extensions are installed!


Our quality Brazilian Remy Hair will last you 3 months when taken proper care of.

We encourage you to give this method a try!

Tape Weft Hair Extension Packs

Recommended Order Amount

Thin Hair     2-3 Packs

Medium Hair     3-4 Packs

Thick Hair     4-6 Packs