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Can I Get Hair Extensions With A Blunt Cut?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A very popular question I get from new clients is "can I get a hair extension with a blunt cut?". With blunt cuts back in fashion, a lot of girls are taking the leap and chopping their hair off. However, blunt cuts aren't for everyone... and many end up regretting it and then contact me to give them their old hair back with hair extensions.

So what's the answer? Well, not exactly. I mean you can still get the hair extensions applied, but will it look good? No. What you will have to understand is if you have a blunt cut and you want to get hair extensions you will need to get your hair layered first. Yes, cut it even more.

Now layers doesn't always mean taking off length, but more so erasing that bold line, that way the extensions can blend in seamlessly.

If you don't get your hair layered and leave the blunt cut, you will see a line in the hair extensions where your real hair is - and nobody wants that. Plus, you will feel the change in density of the hair when you run you hands through it or put it in a ponytail. If you don't want to layer your hair that is fine, but buying hair extensions will definitely not be worth it.

And I believe the worst fear of every hair extension specialist is blunt cut AND thick hair. Thick hair transformations are more difficult than thin or medium hair densities in general, and so are blunt cuts. But both together... *gulp*.

Not only will you have to do a layered cut, but you will need to add in at least 1-2 packs of hair EXTRA than you normally would. This will help make the transition from the client's natural hair to the extensions a lot more seamless.

Above all, anything is possible. I, a hair extension specialist, have transformed blunt cuts and very thick blunt cuts with hair extensions and it turned out great. But I think the most important thing to note here is the natural hair will need to be cut, and it might be a bit more expensive to get hair extensions than if you just had a regular, layered cut.



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