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4 Ways To Stand Out As A Hair Extension Stylist

Updated: Mar 24

There is a lot of competition in the hair extension industry. You want to make sure when a clients come to you, you can show them why you are better than the rest. Here are a few tips to stand out as a hair extension stylist.

Clients at the end of the day are looking for a strong connection, feeling important and attended to, pampered and appreciated. The experience starts before they arrive and continues after they leave!

Convenient Booking

Do you have online booking? This is so convenient for new and returning clients. And besides most of our clients are wanting to book outside of business hours, so they key is to make it easy and available at all times.

In Depth Consultations

Are you booking out 15-30 minutes for new client consultations? This is super important to gain trust and get to know your clients before you even work with them. And it will significantly increase your client retention.

Elevated Service Experience

You want your clients to feel like they are on a mini vacay when they are with you. This could look like you have their favorite Netflix show on when they walk in, or yummy snacks and nice music. What can you offer them or do for them to make them feel happy every time they see you?

Follow Up

Feedback is a gift. Be sure to send them an email or text asking them a few questions to see how they liked working with you and how they are enjoying their new hair. This is key for your growth and another client retention game changer!

Want to go deeper? We go through each of these tips and more in an in depth hair extension business building online training course. Take your career to the next level and join Premier Violet Hair Extensions online training.



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