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How to Achieve Financial Freedom as a Hairstylist

Updated: Jan 11

So you did it.

You're probably 2-5 years in the business now.

You've built yourself from the ground up.

You learned how to do hair extensions, started making the big bucks with the higher ticket services...

You did it.

You feel secure and confident about your cash flow.

You no longer worry about if you're going to pay the bills or not.

You're booked up and have your clientele list is full (but always open for more).

You've probably splurged a little on things you've always wanted, like a vacation, Chanel bag, ect.

Now what?

Is this it?

Are you capped?

Work until you die?

What's the next level?

Financial freedom?

Having your retirement funds secured?

How can you achieve financial freedom?

You get your money to start working for you.

Yes, start stacking cash.

Having a fat bank account is what's next baby.

And not just stacking it - investing it.

Investing intelligently and strategically.

Avoiding financial pitfalls like some high fee mutual funds and insurance policies that will eat away your hard earned money.

I'm talking about investing at least 10% of your income in a High Interest Savings Account or Low-cost Index Funds.

Then you could also look into Real Estate, or other investing opportunities that expand your income.

Finally, don't forget to make plans for retirement!

If you play it right, you can win at money and at life. Investing is the next step for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice more of their time for money, and wants their money to work for them. This means you can retire earlier, or save for those big expenses you've always wanted. This is what the 1% does, and to be like them you got to know what they know.

Make moves that put you ahead faster.

Investing is what the wealthy do, its how they build wealth long term.

You can do it too.

If you've come this far in your business, you can go even further with your finances.

Financial freedom is possible for you.

Be good to future you.

Start investing.

***Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is based on my own personal experience.


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