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Mistakes People Make When Removing Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Wearing extensions is super fun, but the way you go about picking, installing, and caring for them can set the tone for how stress-free your experience will be! In fact, all of those factors dictate how easily you might be able to remove your hair extensions.

If you’re having trouble removing your hair extensions or are simply curious because this is your first time, keep reading to know what common mistakes make removing hair extensions a painful and tedious task!

Hair Extensions Left In Too Long

Getting hair extensions can be pricey, and we understand the need to get the most bang out of your buck. But sometimes, you might be digging yourself a hole in the effort of saving up on maintenance and touch-ups!

Leaving your hair extensions in for too long can make removal painful and difficult. Not sure how long your particular hair extensions need to be kept in? Ask your hairdresser during the day of the appointment! Usually, hair extensions shouldn’t pass the 8-week mark, since your hair slowly grows out and can leave your extensions a matted mess. This can cause a lot of yanking, leading to hair loss.

Incorrect Equipment

How complicated can removing hair extensions be? It turns out the answer to that question is: very complicated, especially if you have no formal experience or equipment for the process.

Professional hairstylists have to use extension removal solutions to dissolve medical adhesive tape and special tools that aid the proper removal of your hair extension bonds. Using pliers or scissors can be extremely dangerous and could even lead to you damaging your scalp or cutting out your natural hair!

Poor Application

The place you choose to get your hair extensions from can make or break your entire hair extension journey. Sure, you’ll save some money getting it done at home, but the aftercare from the damage will cost you twice as much!

It’s essential to get your hair extension application done by a professional and licensed hairdresser. They have the expertise to apply your hair extensions in a way that won’t tangle your hair and can be removed easily later once it’s time.

It’s also crucial that you follow the hair care tips provided by the hairdresser and follow their directions to a T, since not doing so can also cause your hair to get matted or tangled, leading to a very stressful extension removal process!

It’s essential to seek beauty with responsibility! Get your natural-looking hair extensions in Houston from Premier Violet Hair and have them professionally applied to avoid any future mishaps. Contact them today to book your hair appointment.



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