Why Lusciously Long Hair Is Here to Stay

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We’ve all grown up wanting hair as long as Rapunzel’s. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a mane so long that it could be used as a ladder! Multifunctionality aside, long hair always seems to be met with awe and a barrage of compliments. So, what’s with the fascination?

It’s no secret that people love long hair. On themselves, and on other people as well! Today, we're going to dig deep into just what it is about long hair that mesmerizes everyone.

It’s Fit For Royalty

Long hair is not a recent trend. It has long been seen as not only fashionable, but also as a status symbol! In Ancient Greece, both royal men and women would sport long hair to show that they belonged to a higher social class.

Having long hair meant that you had the time to pamper yourself; it also emphasized the power and influence the royals had. Similarly, sculptures of goddesses would also have long flowing hair, giving long hair a spiritual meaning.

Long hair has been connected to beauty and wealth since before celebrities wore it on the red carpet. And if you're a lover of all things luxurious, long hair should definitely be on your radar!

It’s More Attractive

While it's essential to look beautiful for yourself, it's always flattering to know that other people also find you incredibly attractive. Studies show that men find women with longer waves far more attractive. So, if you’re often the center of attention, maybe it's the luscious locks you have!

It’s not just beauty; longer hair also makes you appear more feminine and youthful. Feminine traits are seen as more attractive because they’re 'different' from male roles. Long hair puts you on the radar and helps you stand out from the crowd.

It’s Versatile

Think about all the hairstyles you can create with short hair. We bet you can only name a few. Now, think about all the hairstyles you can create with waist-length hair. The possibilities are endless!

Long hair is definitely more work than short hair, but it also gives you space for experimentation and self-expression. You can choose different looks, hairstyles, and really tie together your style with your hair. That's something you’d be missing out on when you have shoulder-length hair. It's why you often see models with longer hair. It helps their stylists match their hair to any outfit they’re advertising.

If you would also like to get on the long hair bandwagon, we’d be more than happy to help. Instead of waiting months or years to grow your hair long, opt for natural looking hair extension Houston that will give you the look you're aiming for! Head on over to our Houston hair salon, Premier Violet Hair, to get the hair of your dreams. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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