3 Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When it comes to hair care and maintenance, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that will be helpful for everyone. Whether you want to grow your hair out or make it healthier, there are several factors at play that can impact the results.

Just as there are several myths and misconceptions about hair care and types, there are many misconceptions about hair extensions as well. However, more people are using hair extensions and they’re no longer just an exclusive beauty staple for celebrities. They can help you add length and volume to your hair and look just like you grew it yourself.

Here are some misconceptions about hair extensions that you should be aware of so you can get on board with the trend as well.

My Extensions will show

It takes a skilled technician to use the right application techniques and high-quality hair extensions to give you the most natural look. They will know how to make the extensions blend seamlessly into your natural hair and match the shade as close to your root as possible.

Other times, when the weft is fitted too high, the tracks can start to show, and people who wear clip-in extensions are unable to hide their extensions well enough. Which is why it’s important that you work with a professional stylist.

Hair extensions are placed on the safe zone of the scalp, which is the bottom half. This is aligned with the eyebrows and ensures that there is plenty of hair to cover the tracks.

Hair extensions damage your hair

This is another common misconception about extensions. When applied correctly, hair extensions can actually protect your real hair and allow it to grow fully, while you style and experiment with the extensions. Rock any style you want and get regular trims without having to worry about the length, or appearance with quality extensions. In fact, check out this story about a client whose hair grew 8 inches in 13 months while wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions can give you headaches

People who wear clip-in or ill-fitted hair extensions often find that their head or scalp hurts. Sometimes, you can even overdo the number of extensions you use, which can add excessive pressure on your scalp.

In truth, however, correct application and the right amount of grams for your hair will never give you headaches. This is because they will be evaluated and recommended based on your hair’s thickness, and other factors.

Opt for professional help to get the right hair extensions for your head so that you can stay comfortable. The more you wear them, the easier it will be for you to adjust to them. A stylist will also be able to assess your lifestyle and determine which kind of extensions are more manageable for you.

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