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Hair Extensions For Dye-Addicts

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hairstyling and coloring are huge commitments.

But— what if it didn't have to be? With hair extensions, you can continue to color, cut, and dye your hair as you please without having to worry about your hair falling flat.

Here are our top hair extension picks for those addicted to dyeing their hair!

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are by far one of the most popular types of hair extensions, given that they're so easy to use. Available in different shades, lengths, and textures, clip-in extensions can be worn when wanted and removed before bed. Ideal for those who can't commit to a dye job and a hair length, these extensions are super affordable, quick, and straightforward.

However, since they aren't permanent, you can't leave them in for too long or during washing as it can damage your hair, resulting in tangling. They also can't be customized and can cause stress to the scalp.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions add style and volume to your hair, giving a stylish and natural look. They lie flat on your scalp so nobody can spot them, and there's a lower risk of scalp discomfort. They are a quicker application - making them more affordable and less of an investment unlike KTips or Wefts. They require less maintenance as compared to other hair extension styles and come in different colors, lengths, styles, and textures. You can style your hair as you want with tape-in extensions, since they're harvested from real human hair, allowing you to experiment with hairstyles and hair dyes much more efficiently!

Image Filename: electric-blue-hair-short-bob-dye-salon-fashion

Image Alt-text: A woman with a short bob and blue hair

Custom Colored Extensions

Many of our extensions come in balayge/ombre or highlighted colored, which means we can add color to your hair without chemically altering it! You can the best of both worlds - fuller, longer hair without the damage or commitment. We can also add in pops of crazy colors for whatever season it is.

Hair Extension Salon Services in Houston

Premier Violet Hair offers numerous hair extension services in Houston, TX. From installation of tape-in hair extensions, removal, maintenance, they have 100% human hair extensions to make your hair look longer!


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